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Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and West Middlesex Area

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Walking in our Area

Many of these walks were previously published in our book "Best Walks in Buckinghamshire by Bus and Train", edited by Barry Totterdell (who researched much of the background information), but all have been rewalked recently, and we hope to be able to keep them up to date. However, should you discover anything that is inaccurate or unclear please let us know. [Note these walks are not being updated at the moment]


The maps on this website give the general shape of the walks, but the Ordnance Survey "Explorer" maps at a scale of 1:25,000 (about 2 ½ inches to the mile) are recommended for all walkers, as they show field boundaries, making navigation much easier than with the "Landranger" series.


Please be meticulous about keeping your dog under control at all times, and on a lead anywhere near farm stock (if only as an example to those whose dogs are less well behaved than yours !


Please support pubs that are walker friendly - we need them.
While we try to keep track of changes, there is always the possibility that you will find a pub closed or not serving food, so it is as well to carry something to eat with you. Large groups should obviously book in advance.

General Advice

In summer you will be lucky if you do not come across some heavy vegetation, which may include nettles and thistles, so bare legs are not advisable. We think we have avoided the worst paths, which may become impenetrable, but if you do find serious obstruction, please, for the sake of other walkers, report it to the Council, whose job it is to clear it.
As a general rule, walking boots are advisable, though in dry conditions something lighter may be adequate. You are unlikely to be comfortable in sandals. In hot weather be sure to take enough liquid.

Public Transport

The places named in the list of walks below (except those in brackets) are all on public transport routes, though not necessarily with a weekend service, and are possible start or finish points for the walks.
We give details of local public transport with each walk, however it would be prudent to check prior to a walk the available transport on the day as timetables do change or are sometimes affected by engineering works and other factors especially at weekends. Detailed travel information for the whole of this area is available from the Traveline South East website www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk or telephone 0871 200 22 33
If you need to use a car to reach the walk, and know the train/bus times, you may find it best to drive to the destination and take public transport to the start of the walk - when appropriate, advice on parking is given.

Footpath Problems

If you encounter problems with the condition of paths and obstructions to them, then these are the responsibility of the Highway Authority (County, Unitary Authority or London Borough Council). Please Report the Problem.

Please also report excessive litter and illegal dumping (fly-tipping). These are the responsibility of District Councils, not County Councils, but for Buckinghamshire Bucks CC will pass on complaints, or you can use the Illegal Dumping Costs hotline 0845-330-1856.

Your Comments on our Walks

We try to check our routes periodically, but when you walk one of them and find it in order, it would be a great held if you would let us know. That will help us to concentrate our checking where it is most needed. 

Stiles, Gates and Gaps

Do not be surprised if where the route description mentions a stile, you find a gate or a gap. Stiles are gradually being replaced to make access easier. You may also find gates have been removed, or extra ones installed.